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About us

It all began in June of 1959 when we rented the Masonic Temple for the purpose of founding a church. On Feb. 7, 1960, we ratified our constitution and adopted the name "Amherst Baptist Church". We then bought property on Leavitt rd. We began to grow, so in the summer of 1970 after looking throughout all of Amherst, we finally bought our present location at 1100 Cleveland Ave... It was then that we changed our name to "Good Shepherd Baptist Church". Under the Lord's guidance we grew again and in 1993 built on to our existing building. In March of 2004, we completed another remodel...this time it was our sanctuary.  We continue to grow in our strength and sweet spirit. Join us to see our wonderful building and experience the sweet fellowship.   

our pastor
OUR Beliefs

We ascribe to the Baptist Faith and Message Statement of 2000 as our church's official statement of faith. Click below to download it.

Our Affiliates
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